Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Indoor plants take special care

Indoor plants take special care
Adding bit of nature with indoor plants brings color and beauty into your environment year round. Indoor plants provide a low-cost interior design option, whether you need to brighten a room or create an elegant foyer.

The ideal temperature for indoor plants ranges from 50 to 75
 degrees Fahrenheit in the daytime and from 60 to 70 F at night.

Most indoor plant varieties require indirect sunlight or shade. If a window is the primary source of light for your indoor plant, keep in mind that a window facing south has the most intense light, whereas a north-facing window has the least. Be aware of any light- or dark-colored reflective surfaces around the plant such as curtains, desks and counter-tops that may increase or decrease the intensity of the light reaching the plant.

The best way to determine if your indoor plant needs water is to check the soil near the roots. Typically, the roots will be near the bottom two-thirds of the container. Water the soil until water runs out of the container drainage hole. Do not let the container sit in water. There are many commercial products that can be inserted into the soil of your plant to help test for dryness and even add moisture as needed.

For those with experience, checkout the clearance plants, if they are still green and just need special love and attention, it’s a great way to get plants cheap!!!

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